Author: animameaconsultants

Top Tips to Find Balance

I keep hearing how much of a hard time everyone is having balancing everything during Covid. Yup, new to all of US. Our greatest struggle right now, is to separate life and work, and prioritize what we have to do. We have blurred lines now, and we need to adapt. Here are my top tips […]

Top Resume Trends

Your resume is your professional mirror. Whatever is written in the content of your resume is what future employers, and audiences will see concerning your professional journey; past, present and future. In case you are missing the point, your resume needs to be TOP. It needs to be carefully curated, well thought out, and well […]

Attending a Job Fair

So you realize you’re almost done school, or for whatever reason you are hitting up the open houses and job fairs. The networking, the chit chating, the professional talk and jargon.  No easy task, you’re 1 out of 9000 potential candidates who attend. You need to ensure your CV is complete, you have your elevator […]

Done School, then what?

You just finished your gruesome years of schooling and now you need to hit the job market hard. Trust me, I had the same intuition, find a job in my domain and I’ll be set, well you know, I had a bachelor’s degree and that automatically meant success. Nope, not true. I graduated university with […]


Being Mindful in the present moment You know me, I am all about that work life fulfillment (you know, trying); eating healthy, working out, self-care, being mindful and definitely hustling at work. But one aspect that we are lacking in, is being mindful in the present moment. All day at work we have emails popping […]

AM Webinar: Habit Breaking

Do YOU have habits that you need to break? Eating habits, wellness habits, time management habits, etc…? The AM Webinar on Habit Breaking will you give you a full proof model on how to BREAK those pesty habits and replace them with new habits; ones that YOU want to achieve. Needed: G-Mail Account Google Hangouts […]

Spring Time, Spring Cleaning

The sun is out, the grass is turning green and now is the chance for you to do that spring cleaning in all aspects of your life. Social media, housework, life, work. You know that pile of documents on your desk? Sift through it; file it. Declutter and put it in its designated spot. Declutter […]