Top Resume Trends

Your resume is your professional mirror. Whatever is written in the content of your resume is what future employers, and audiences will see concerning your professional journey; past, present and future.

In case you are missing the point, your resume needs to be TOP.

It needs to be carefully curated, well thought out, and well written.

We can have writers block, maybe even a lack of laser precision when writing it; which is why Anima Mea is here.

My top resume hacks:

  1. You need to have specific wording. Example: which softwares do you use? which websites? specific tasks? this helps the Applicant Tracking System pinpoint you out of all the candidates. Additionally it helps the recruiter assess whether you are a fit for the role.
  2. Do not make your resume more than 2 pages long. You do not need to write all your previous jobs, for example, I have been working in HR for 7 years, I will only write my HR jobs on my resume. I won’t write the jobs I worked at while in school. Know where to cut, and where to remove the fluff.
  3. Use proper grammar. Before applying online or sending it to an employer, DOUBLE CHECK YOU’RE WORK (SIC) (see gotcha). And sometimes spell check won’t even catch the mistake, get a friend to re-read it.
  4. Cover Letters? A lot of candidates use cover letters, it basically sums up why you want to work at a specific organization and what you can bring to the table. See, me, personally I never read them. I read the resume. But some people like them, I leave it to your discretion.
  5. Get a LinkedIn profile. I do not care what kind of role you have but get a LinkedIn account, the best jobs are there! The recruiters are online and engaging with their audience, the organizations’ home page posts all kinds of interesting content! Get on it, you’re literally a boomer on the job market. Actually, all boomers have LinkedIn profiles too.

Applying to jobs is a hard task, applying internally and externally is challenging. Which is why you need to ensure that when putting yourself forth you have all the cards in your hand.

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