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Top Questions to Ask an Interviewer

So the interviewer finishes their questions and there you are, sitting, eager beaver and not one question is coming to mind. By asking questions you seem inquisitive. experienced and well prepared. Always ask questions.  How would you describe the Company’s culture? You need to know if the culture fits into your values and work habits. […]

AM Webinar: Resumes

Resumes, got to love them, got to hate them. Is your resume ready? Is it representing you? Is it emulating your dream job? Resumes are the first line of defense in any application you do, they present you directly to the organization, the recruiter, and the hiring manager. For tips on how to make your […]

Receiving Feedback

Sure, we’ve all received feedback professionally and personally, and deep down we’ve all been mad, but we shouldn’t be! We oftentimes get sensitive and defensive when receiving feedback but we need to reverse our perception and be thankful. We need to remember that no feedback is bad feedback, especially when it is given in a […]

2019: Women Goal Setting Event

With 2019 around the corner, we start expressing strong resolutions in the hopes of starting the new year on the right foot. Life kicks in, overtime happens, sh*t happens and the winter blues set in. Happens to everyone. But with these new year work-life balance goals in mind do you often find yourself at a […]

Getting to Know Myself Better

Nothing beats the sucker punch of losing your job. The term “reorg” never bothered me so much till then. Sure, I’ve fired a few people but once it happens to you, you never experience it the same way. That long taxi drive home, the tears, the questions, the concerning texts from friends and family, and […]

Goal Setting

I hear a lot of people saying they’re life coaches on Instagram, Facebook and even twitter; flashing their abs, showing their perfect life. They are telling you how to act, how to react, and how to live. Has it ever occurred to you that you, yourself, know the answers to your questions? Rather than by […]