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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship between the Client and the Coach that accelerates the process of great performance. It is about individuals or organizations that are identifying purpose and through that relationship a plan is co-created and built upon.

Many Clients turn to Coaching because they are aware of an improvement or change that needs to be made. A Coach will not tell a Client what to do; rather they will work together to build a plan and ensure accountability and create purpose.

Newsflash: Coaching doesn’t show the Client anything new, usually we know what we need to do! But Coaching can give you a very different outlook- to see the world and yourself differently.

  • 100% Confidential
  • Non-judgemental
  • Raises awareness
  • It is not therapy, consulting or advice
  • In the session you can bring any topic which is present with you at that time

My role as a Coach:

  • Help work-out, set, clarify and maintain your goals
  • Give you a safe space to talk, share and listen
  • Hold you accountable
  • Help establish your own solutions and strategies
  • Encourage support and believe in you!
  • Raise self awareness, challenge you and help you recognize any road blocks

Your role as a Client:

  • Be honest and open. Tell me when you can’t be. If you do not want to go somewhere in our conversation, please stop me and let me know.
  • The client needs to adopt a positive outlook on life and yourself.
  • Ready to be accountable for your life/decisions/actions
  • Reminder: you are responsible for your results!
  • Your success is directly linked to your commitment and effort made.

Ready to find out more?

Meet the Team

Sara Caon

Co-Founder, CRHA and ACC


Sara is a certified human resources professional with a Joint Specialization in History and English Literature. Sara’s passions include; reading, personal and professional wellness, and yoga. Becoming a Coach has been Sara’s greatest endeavour, because it allows her to co-create partnerships with her clients to help succeed and surpass their goals.

As your Coach I will oftentimes:

  • Interrupt you
  • Get tough with you
  • Challenge you and ask difficult questions
  • Repeat back what you said
  • And give you homework between sessions
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