My Quarantine Feels

It’s been over 120 days we’re in quarantine and more than ever I am worried. I am worried the government is running towards opening everything without having the proper controls and people’s recklessness. My worries are making me tired; this quarantine is making me tired, and working from home is exhausting.

I have been going to bed earlier, slacking off on workouts and putting my side hustle aside.

I questioned my resilience and my ability to adapt. I had to self-coach, I lasted until mid-June under quarantine conditions and now I just want to fall asleep at my desk.

I wanted to tell myself SNAPPPP OUTTA IT! But I knew that I needed to reflect, corny right?

So I asked myself the following questions:

  • What changed from beginning of June till now?
  • Why do you think you’re so tired?
  • What would you ideally like to see?
  • What steps can I implement to ensure I remain active after work?
  • What did I learn from this experience?

I questioned myself and my ability to structure my responses, what really changed? Nothing really, the weather got warmer and I am stuck in my bedroom working. I’m tired because I realized my food allergies are acting up mainly because I am not eating as I usually do. My ideal vision: to be structured and get my shit done. My steps to ensure success? plan my days and nights and check off my completed boxes. When I workout I feel great, and making time to work on my side hustle makes me happy too. In reality, it energizes me. What did I learn from this experience? Sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate where we are and where we have to go. And that is fine.

This isn’t one size fits all approach but this worked for me to get out of my funk. We are in unchartered territories and we are all just trying to adapt. The main point I am trying to bring is that we need to question ourselves and we need to answer truthfully, because in the end you are only cheating yourself. Coaches are there to be your accountability buddy and keep you honest, and in the end the client needs to make the desired changes, because sure I can sit and talk to you every couple of weeks but without concrete action your plans are moot.

This is my quarantine story, what’s yours?