Top Tips to Find Balance

I keep hearing how much of a hard time everyone is having balancing everything during Covid. Yup, new to all of US.

Our greatest struggle right now, is to separate life and work, and prioritize what we have to do.

We have blurred lines now, and we need to adapt.

Here are my top tips for finding balance:


  • Life is anything before or after work. You know when your Friday work day ends, you don’t even know what day it is, that’s why we need to prepare ourselves mentally.
    • Clear up your desk, put your work laptop away in your laptop bag
    • Clear up your space
  • Schedule screen time with your friends and family/
  • List of priorities
    • What needs to be done
      • Make dinner, snacks,  alone time, workout, mindfulness
        • Make healthy meals, it is easy to get side tracked towards unhealthy alternatives in reality it is easier to cook healthy.
    • What task have you put aside for so long
    • Make a list of things for your children to do:
    • Plan a game night, plan different food nights. Get creative.


  • Make sure you move while you work
  • Ensure your workspace is serving your appropriately.
  • Take your breaks and lunch
    • Virtual coffee breaks
  • Do your regular hours
    • Take your breaks, take your lunch, and don’t over extend yourself with crazy hours.
  • Set up virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues and boss
  • Get out of PJs
    • Im not asking you to put jeans on and a blazer, but at least come out of your pajamas.

Below is the document I prepared for the tribe,

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