Spring Time, Spring Cleaning

The sun is out, the grass is turning green and now is the chance for you to do that spring cleaning in all aspects of your life.

Social media, housework, life, work.

You know that pile of documents on your desk? Sift through it; file it. Declutter and put it in its designated spot.

Declutter your homes and make it less heavy. Turn your cupboards, your clothes, your living room into a spot where you yearn to go into. You know that dress you haven’t worn since cegep? Yup get rid of it too.

You know that social media account that posts all useless stuff that isn’t relatable-at all. Yup, clean that too.

Clean all the accounts that add zero benefit to your life. Why do you keep them? To compare? To feel bad? Aspirations?

Spring cleaning can be done in all aspects of your life, it’s a sense of renewal, productivity and wellness. How good do you feel when the deed is done?

Here are my top spring-cleaning tips:

  • If you haven’t worn something in 2 years, ask yourself if you are being realistic in keeping the item?
  • Find an organized spot for everything, do you have proper filing, storage and space? Get creative with what you have, declutter and get neat.
  • Social media, unfollow anything that does not bring you joy.
  • Social media, are you spending too much time on it? Would you benefit from screen time limits? Is social media affecting your relationships?
  • Friendships, now would be a great time to assess whether all your friendships are benefiting your life.
  • Work, how is your job? Are you excited to go into work? Are you in a rut? Now can be a perfect time as any to assess your career and re-visit your career plan.
  • Did you create new year resolutions? Assess them, have you achieved? Stagnated? Stopped? Now would be a perfect time to reassess and envision new ones.

Need help in any of these aspects? Reach out and we can co create a plan of success.

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