Receiving Feedback

Sure, we’ve all received feedback professionally and
personally, and deep down we’ve all been mad, but we shouldn’t be! We
oftentimes get sensitive and defensive when receiving feedback but we need to
reverse our perception and be thankful. We need to remember that no feedback is
bad feedback, especially when it is given in a kind manner.

In order to receive feedback, we need to implement the following steps:

  1. Act: this demonstrates that we are open to feedback and willing to accept it and learn new things. Sure, we always think our way is the best, but when someone with more experience gives you their opinion you should be open to it especially when your main focus is your professional and personal development. Accepting feedback shows a deeper sense of maturity. If feedback ever takes you by surprise, pause, take a breath and then act.
  2. Clarify: Ask questions!! Clarify what they are telling you. Remember when we use to write book reports in elementary school? Same thing, ask probing questions so you can understand not to make that mistake again/or ensure you just get better.
  3. Think: Consider that the person who is giving you their feedback actually wants to help you and help you grow. Sure, there may be haters but we need to know the difference between genuine feedback and douche-bag feedback.

Additionally, I want to point out that that there are people out there who are afraid to give feedback to their manager, another manager, a colleague or an employee; why are you afraid? Sure the response might be rash, but wouldn’t that just show their true colours? In all honestly, feedback is taken in the way it is given. If you find a way to deliver feedback to someone without hurting their feelings but being honest; you just helped someone with their development.

And don’t think everyone is off the hook.

You know those people who receive a compliment at work or in
their personal life and they change the subject and try to find away to negate
their success? Sounds familiar, yeah thought so.

Accept the compliment, accept the fact that you did
something well, stop negating the positive feedback. When someone compliments
you, before answering; pause, and say thanks.

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