2019 Year End Review



2019 came and went, and where are we with our goals? our objectives? and where we want to be?

This event will allow you to be introspective on the days and months that passed and will help YOU design your 2020.

We will look at OUR:

  • Failed GOAL attempts;
  • Successful GOAL attempts;
  • What worked, what didn't;
  • and how can we make 2020 OUR year.

What YOU get:

  • An hour and a half webinar on looking introspectively and projecting towards 2020 with Sara Caon our Certified Coach.
  • Tools to gear your 2020 towards success.
  • BONUS: an extra one hour coaching 1:1 scheduled for your convenience where we will check your progress.
  • Cost 40$.
  • Email:

Ready to design your 2020

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