Being Mindful in the present moment

You know me, I am all about that work life fulfillment (you know, trying); eating healthy, working out, self-care, being mindful and definitely hustling at work. But one aspect that we are lacking in, is being mindful in the present moment.

All day at work we have emails popping in, Skype messages popping up, our cell phone lighting up, and let’s not forget the obvious chit chat at work.

I swear whenever I hear a phone vibrate, I feel like I have an e-mail coming in. We are constantly bombarded by sounds, alerts, and people that we are barely mindful in the present moment.

I am not going to lie, when I am grabbing that coffee with friends, or hanging out with family I need that constant bombardment from technology, and most of the times I miss important conversations, not paying attention and definitely not being present with everyone.

Here are 3 tips to be fully present in our relationships:

  1. Leave your cellphone elsewhere. Do not bring it to the dinner table, and just leave it in your purse at the coffee shop. What is so important that you need to leave it out and text other people rather than talk to the person in front of you? I recently was at a party where I left my cell phone in my purse! WHATTT a whole 6 hours without a phone #YASS the liberation.
  2. Fully listen. Make people finish their sentences, listen to them, be present and try not to wander off. By not cutting people off you make them finish their thoughts; which will then be complete and you get to hear the full message they are conveying. When you listen, and I mean really listen, you hear soo much. The nonverbal, the verbal and the hidden messaging.
  3. Plan evenings at home. Plan that dinner at home, make it a potluck, just be with friends in a quiet setting! The conversation is more real in a comfortable setting. The conversation is more relaxed and you are definitely not being distracted by the hustle and bustle in the restaurant.

I find it extremely hard to try and be present, which is why I am always trying new things to curb the need to grab my cellphone and just be mindful.

Try these tips, let me know how it works.

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