Top Questions to Ask an Interviewer

So the interviewer finishes their questions and there you are, sitting, eager beaver and not one question is coming to mind.

By asking questions you seem inquisitive. experienced and well prepared.

Always ask questions. 

  1. How would you describe the Company’s culture? You need to know if the culture fits into your values and work habits. If the Company is more traditional and you are a modern millennial; it potentially won’t be a good fit.
  2. Do you work alongside many other departments? This will allow you to see if the department you are interviewing for works with other departments and helps/creates new initiatives. If they say no, and you just work with your colleagues on your daily tasks; is this something you want?
  3. How is a regular work day in the department? You can get the work vibe you want out of this question. They can say it is extremely fast paced (ok, cool; how fast) or slow ( s l o w).
  4. How are the benefits? This fits into your total compensation package, this will allow you to compare with other companies, and where you currently work. Some company’s have great perks, so this would be a great time to uncover them (example: Gym memberships, tuition refund, training, etc…). 
  5. Is there room for growth in the department? What are your career goals, can you grow and create your career path here? That is a note worthy question, because if there is zero chance for a promotion within 5 years, do you want to take the risk of career stagnation.
  6. How long have you’ve been with the Company? This question allows you to get the feel for increased turnover, or a pleasantly good vibe.

Here are my favourite questions to ask, let me know how it goes on your next interview!

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