2019: Women Goal Setting Event

With 2019 around the corner, we start expressing strong resolutions in the hopes of starting the new year on the right foot.

Life kicks in, overtime happens, sh*t happens and the winter blues set in. Happens to everyone.

But with these new year work-life balance goals in mind do you often find yourself at a brick wall unsure how to plan and unsure how to act? Or, you do well for a week, and then you crumble?

Anima Mea presents the 2019 work-life balance event where together we will set our goals, checkout our current reality, look at our options and work on what we realistically can do. Sounds daunting? Well it isn’t; together we will co-create. Together we will work on creating:
* Setting those work limitations
* Meal prepping and exercise goals
* Time limitations and scheduling
* Me time- what is that?
* Letting go of work when you are home, and vice versa.

Together, we will create plans to empower ourselves to make the changes that we want to make.

Supplies and snacks are included

Price 20$

Contact for more information


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